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We can customize a game we've already made for you! Need a game made? You're in the right place! About us, contact us Looking for some experience? You're in the right place! Play Our Games!

Welcome! If you look out the left side of your vehicle (arms and legs to remain inside at all times, however, and flash photography IS allowed!), you'll see the really great stuff! You can...

  • Get your own customized game! Using one of our already-made games, get a great price on a game custom-made for your game-loving kids, spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, buddy or anyone! (how many people can say that they've had a game made for them?!)
  • Let us make you a game! That's right, have a game made for your website (website owners and sponsors, I'm looking at you!) or even for promotional business use (advergaming is a unique marketing tool: it's viral, fun and addictive all at once!). Just give us a rundown of what you want and we'll get it made for you!
  • Find out about us, meet the team!
  • See what positions are available, for those of you who want to be on the other side of the fence and create addictive, fun games!
  • Play our games! This is a link to the Critterverse, our work-in-progress kid-friendly gaming website.
  • Follow us on Facebook! Follow along with my gaming adventures as I challenge myself to game creating contests, follow up-to-date ramblings from the inside world of game development on a super-major personal level and get opportunities to test out games as they become available, way before they're even ready for release!

It's great having you here! Put your feet up, make yourself at home. Want some tea?

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